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To offer a broad selection of best–in–class envelopes, text sheets and cover sheets at highly competitive pricing with personalized customer service.


The French Paper Company is a leading Text/Cover Paper Mill based in Niles, Michigan. APEC is pleased to be a leading supplier of French products. Like APEC, French is a family business which prides itself on superior customer service. The collaboration with French has enabled APEC to serve the Greeting Card, Advertising, Marketing, Direct Mail, Invitation and Social Stationery industries like few companies in the US.

Reich Paper has been offering specialty papers to designers, printers, and connoisseurs of fine paper for over 50 years. With industry-leading fine papers such as CT, Shine, Savoy and Odeon, Reich Paper delivers top quality products to those who care and understand what "Fine Paper" really means. APEC is proud to stock and sell the full range of Reich Paper lines.


Many of our customers have been with APEC for 20, 30, and even 40 years. You can pick up the phone and speak to someone who knows the product and can help you right then and there. You can even speak to the President, Justin Koplin, as no call is more important than that from a customer, whether they are looking for 50 envelopes or 500,000.


APEC Envelopes was founded in 1935 by Gary Amsterdam. Originally a manufacturer/distributor of envelopes to the photo industry, APEC soon became the leader in negative preservers, print display envelopes, and photographic mailers. After Mr. Amsterdam died in 1966, his wife, Esther Amsterdam took over the business. For more than 35 years, Esther managed APEC and developed a diversified product line to serve the needs of both the industrial and consumer customer. Today, APEC is run by Esther’s grandson, Justin Koplin. Justin has worked at APEC since 1995. He has managed the company since 2003 and is responsible for APEC’s transformation into a 21st century business.